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Your roof might be costing you. A darkened roof is less reflective and can make your air conditioning system work harder and can cost you more as a result without you even noticing. A roof with black or brown stains or streaks can reduce the value of your home. Protecting the value of your home could be as simple as a quality roof cleaning.

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Are you noticing dark stains on your roof? Most often it starts small and gradually spreads to rather large black stains. The most common cause of these dark mildew-like stains is actually a form of algae. Most often visible as dark streaks or dark discolored cone shaped areas or patches and shows up first on the north side and in shaded areas.

The most common form of roof algae is Gloeocapsa Magma. The biggest problem with this type of algae stain on your roof is the fact that this algae thrives on the limestone filler used in the asphalt shingles. Over time this can degrade and deteriorate your shingles to the point they crack and curl at the edges. This is accelerated by the black color itself causing a heat build up in the summer and the algae holding in moisture which can cause frost damage in winter weather.

We use a No Pressure roof cleaning method approved by the
Asphalt Roof Manufacturer's Association (ARMA)
and our 5 year warranty ensures you will be happy with your roof.
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A cedar roof can have these same stains. On a cedar roof these black streaks are most often simply assumed to be weathering. Usually this is not the case. The algae on a cedar roof is feeding on the bacteria feeding on your cedar shakes which can seem like a good thing but it is just the opposite. The presence of the algae on the roof helps keep moisture in the cedar which can be a breeding ground for bacteria, mold and fungus.

moss on roof shingles

Moss on a roof doesn't harm the shingles as much directly but since it is thicker moss weighs more. The excess weight can damage your roof and the thicker moss offers more protection for locked in moisture, molds, mildews and fungi. All these factors combine to lead to a premature replacement.
Replacing your roof can be very costly. To avoid the expense of a new roof, call us for an estimate to help save your roof with proper pressure washing.

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