pressure washing and deck cleaning

Pressure washing and Painted Deck Cleaning

professional deck cleaning

Even painted deck surfaces should be cleaned and brightened regularly to keep stains, algae or fungus from getting a good grip. Pressure washing your deck is not as easy as you might think. If the pressure is too high, the painted deck surface could be destroyed. Too little pressure and your deck cleaning will not effectively remove all mold, mildew or dark stains. Hiring a professional to do this for you is your best bet.

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Having a deck put in or replaced is very expensive so you should make sure to have regularly scheduled maintenance to keep your deck looking great and extend the life of the wood. Regularly having a painted deck power washed can extend the life of the paint and prevent you from needing to have your deck repainted prematurely.

We can have your deck looking good as new. We will clean and brighten your deck, then it will be allowed to dry completely. This ensures the stain or sealer will interact with the deck in a uniform and expected way. Will pressure washing my deck restore it? Yes, it could. Cleaning the dirt and grime away will reveal the color and clearity of the wood grain. Cleaning and brightening your deck will also bring back the contrast of the wood grain. Then after the sealer or stain and sealer has been applied, the "depth" is restored.

The deck restoration is not limited to bare wood. If you have a dock or fence that is showing signs of age and weather, it could benefit from a similar pressure washing facelift. Taking care of your wood surfaces adds to or at least maintains the value of your property.

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Examples of our deck cleaning and dock cleaning
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Maryland deck in need of cleaning after cleaning the deck
deck in need of cleaning after cleaning the deck
Maryland porch in need of cleaning after cleaning the porch
Easton deck in need of cleaning after cleaning the painted deck

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