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Basics of our No Pressure Roof Cleaning process

At Knipple Powerwash, we are a Maryland based roof cleaning company specializing in
no pressure roof cleaning in Maryland and Delaware.

The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) mandates the proper methods of cleaning asphault roof shingles. A NO Pressure roof cleaning solution application is the only method approved for roof cleaning since any pressurized spray can knock off protective granules or work it's way under the shingles and get the roofing underlayment wet which can lead to further damage.

maryland no pressure roof cleaning maryland no pressure roof cleaning maryland no pressure roof cleaning

Our NO Pressure roof cleaning method is only part of the process. Proper preparation of the surrounding areas requires presoaking adjacent structures plants and painted surfaces. Recollecting as much of the solution as possible without structural modification should also be implimented.

After the NO Pressure roof cleaning

For smaller surface areas a good rinse down of all adjacent structures and plants after the roof has been cleaned is sufficient. However, for larger roof cleaning projects, periodic rinse and wet downs are the best way to protect and care for the property.
Please note: the solution is left on the roof to allow the the added algaecide plenty of time to take care of the cause of the roof stains.

When we leave - the stains are gone

The stains will be taken care of with the no pressure roof cleaning process. In the case of moss or lichen, there will still be some left behind. Moss has a dense little root structure and pulling it off the roof will cause the most damage. Scraping it off will do a little less damage but will still do harm. It is best to leave the moss in place and let the roof cleaning solution kill the moss and a good rain will rinse it off the roof.

Replacing your roof can be very costly. To avoid the expense of a new roof, call us for an estimate to help
save your roof with proper no pressure roof cleaning.

Call for a No Pressure roof cleaning estimate (443) 786-5720

Examples of our No Pressure roof cleaning in Maryland
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black streaks on roof after cleaning the roof
roof in need of cleaning after cleaning the roof
roof in need of cleaning after cleaning the roof

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