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Power Washing in Maryland and Delaware

Power washing is somewhat like pressure washing insofar as power washing utilizes a pressure delivery system. Power washing is a combination of the cleaning additives delivered by an appropriate pressure. The proper pressure is determined by the addiditive or by the limitations of the surface being cleaned.

On delicate surfaces, like standard asphalt roof shingles, NO pressure is recommended. On a roof in Maryland or Delaware, power washing is the only way to go.

Pressure Washing along Maryland and Delaware shores

Pressure washing is best suited for Maryland and Delaware near the water. Oddly enough, these are the areas that could most benefit from a good cleaning and sealing coat. Environmental harm could result from additives being introduced to some waterways or plants so any do-it-yourselfer should really take the time to do your homework before buying chemicals.

Wood surfaces can be cleaned nicely with a high pressure washing. The pressurized water can remove the top layer of the wood surface so obviously some care must be taken. Pressure washers can do serious bodily injury if not handled properly so it is best to hire a professional.

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Power Washing Maryland and Delaware commercial fleets

Maryland's eastern shore and Delaware commercial vehicles are subject to some brutal conditions from road salts to ocean salts and farm dusts of many varieties. Knipple Powerwash can power wash your entire fleet at your location. Knipple Powerwash will come to you and power wash your whole fleet and bring the shine back to your company's image on the road.

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